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Author Guidelines

Interested in submitting an activity to astroEDU?

    Get familiar with the Author Guidelines
    When designing keep the rubric that you will be assessed against in mind. We have a separate rubric for educators and for content specialists , which we ask reviewers to use when reviewing activities.
    Use the provided form to prepare your activity.
    This form represents the typical astroedu online activity structure. It is very likely that your activity will also require worksheets, spreadsheets, data (e.g. fits files, images or csv files), powerpoints, high quality media amongst other supplementary material on top of this basic structure. We suggest that they are also in editable form for potential users who will likely want to customize their use of your activities.  

    Submit the activity through the using the submission portal.  
    Authors need to register with the astroEDU portal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step submission process. The core of the activity should be formatted and uploaded in the form provided on that page and uploaded as the "Article Text". Attachments, such as powerpoints, worksheets and other items to be used in the activity should be uploaded as "Other".