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The Story of Light Festival: magisch leren in India
9 January 2015

The Story of Light festival that takes place from 14 to January 18, 2015 in Panaji, Goa in India, is an initiative of Jaya Ramchandani, an alumnus of the Master Astronomy and Science-Based Business. The festival falls under "The International Year of Light ', a project of the UN to bring the light of scientific breakthroughs in science, its applications and its importance to the attention of the general public.

Creativity, entertainment and knowledge
Located in the heart of Panaji, capital of Goa, the festival will be the beautiful two-kilometer river Mandovi, surrounding historical sites and even gardens transform into an area of ​​creativity, entertainment and knowledge. At the festival there will be a stage for example, but also for children there will be a place with unique and educational activities. The program is full of visual games, dance performances, light shows, photography workshops and live performances all teach us something about the universe in an interactive but especially fun way

Some of the program

• Pedro Russo from Leiden Observatory's UNAWE program talks about "The Hidden Story of Shadows and Science. Pedro therein will traverse the hidden world of shadows and tell why shadows have been so important in our understanding of the universe.

• A Czech duo presenting Archibio which, through video mapping enhances the beauty of the microscopic world to a gigantic scale in public spaces.

• A collaboration between the UK and India to create the world's largest cyanotype print (determined photographic process without camera) to involve the audience in a journey through our association with sunlight.

• A team of Australian poets, musicians, video and sound artists present in the spectacular dome of the planetarium theater Elemental, a unique quest of science, the mind and the universe.

• The festival will hold a panel discussion on Configuring Light, by the London School of Economics Cities comprising officials, urban planners, lighting companies and the public.

The festival expects thousands of visitors, including secondary and higher education students, local residents and tourists. The organization believes that everyone who participates in the festival gets a new understanding of light, science and life.


Official festival website
Official website of the  International Year of Light



The Story of Light Festival: magisch leren in India
The Story of Light Festival: magisch leren in India


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